Kamen Entertainment Group, New York

Over 140 Entertainment Awards

Roy Kamen

    Roy Kamen - Professional Bio:

  • Mr. Kamen is Executive Producer and co-owner, together with his wife Marina Kamen, of Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc., a New York City-based Entertainment Production Company first opened in 1987. Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. has won over 140 top Industry Awards as well as Produced over 50,000 Radio, Television, Music Live/Virtual Events & Theatrical Productions. A few of Kamen's Clients have included: Verizon, American Express, Mercedes, Jet Blue, Kelloggs, Disney, Hasbro, AT&T, Sony, Priceline, Lancome. Celebrity list is endless including such names as, Britney Spears, Patti LaBelle, Liza Minnelli, James Earl Jones, Robert Duval and countless others.

    Roy Kamen - Martial Artist - Author:

  • Mr. Kamen, has also studied Karate since 1965. He earned his second-degree black belt in Traditional Okinawan GoJu-Ryu Karate and a first-degree black belt in Okinawan Kobudo from Master Seikichi Toguchi, a first-generation student of the founder of GoJu-Ryu, Grand Master Chojun Miyagi, in 1980. Mr. Kamen currently holds an eighth-degree black belt from Chi-I-Do International in Chinatown, New York City under Kow Loon Ong (Kayo).
    Mr. Kamen authored a book entitled KARATE: BENEATH THE SURFACE exploring the emotional and spiritual connections contained within the art of Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate founded by Grand Master Chojun Miyagi.


    Roy Kamen - Martial Artist - Instructor/Sensei:

  • Mr. Kamen Founded and is chief instructor of “One World Dojo!”.
    One World Dojo offers Online Martial Arts Classes including the unique Taisho Daruma exercise system containing stretching, strengthening, breathing, and meditation featuring self-defense techniques embedded in the routine. Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate classes are also offered in the One World Dojo.

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